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An ideal community living in harmony with nature, inspired by the Vedic principles of "Simple Living, High Thinking"

Gokuldham is a unique Eco-Village

Nestled in the Sahyadri hills, with exquisite natural beauty, heavy rainfall, and dense surrounding forests – lies the picturesque Gokuldham. It is spread across 450 acres, and is located 40 kilometres from Belagavi (Belgaum) city and 30 kilometres from the Karnataka-Goa border in southern India.

With the traditional village fast disappearing, there is a crying need for self-sufficient villages that can serve as role models to inspire a society that is allured and captivated by modern exploitative technology, lifestyles and values.

Gokuldham is inspired by ancient Indian wisdom and spirituality, as taught by A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, who made a simple and yet profound articulation of the principle of self sufficiency:
"Use only what you can produce, and produce only what you need."

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The modern economic model is flawed

Let's go Eco-Friendly

The modern day economic model is progressively eroding the self-sufficiency of social units, making them more and more dependent on external, and hitherto unconnected, forces & situations. Indeed, in this age of globalisation & so-called 'free trade', individuals and social units are becoming enslaved rather than free. In this complex web of artificial inter-dependency and control, events in one place drastically affect the situations & destinies of people in distant places. Explore Gokuldham's Vedic Economic Model.